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Compare Contractor Services

We have three competitively priced contractor service plans and these are compared below. If you require a change to any of these plans, please contact us and we will review how we can meet the requirements of your company.

Plan/Service Contractor Core Contractor Plus Contractor Premium
Monthly charge * £72.50 £89.50 £120.00
Accounting and corporation tax Preparation and filing of annual statutory accounts tick tick tick
Preparation and filing of annual corporation return (CT600) tick tick tick
Filing of the companies office annual confirmation statement tick tick tick
VAT Submission of quarterly VAT returns tick tick tick
PAYE Monthly payroll for Director including payslips and RTI filing tick tick tick
Monthly payroll for an additional employee including payslips and RTI filing tick
Taxable benefits reporting (P11D) tick tick
IR35 IR35 review for one contract (annually) tick
IR35 review for two contracts (annually) tick
Personal tax Director’s basic tax return (SA100) tick tick
An additional employee’s basic tax return (SA100) tick
Accounting software and advice Free online accounting software

tick tick tick
Tax planning advice tick tick tick
Unlimited access to a personal accountant (e-mail and phone) tick tick tick

*payable by direct debit and subject to VAT