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Auto Enrolment


From April 2014 companies with fewer than 250 employees will start to need a workplace pension scheme that meets qualifying standards set out by the government and automatically enrol their people.

The date when the law is ‘switched on’ for your business is known as your ‘staging date’.

To find out your staging date, you can check on the pension regulator’s website:

What do you need to do?

There is lots of useful advice on the pension regulators website (link above). As an employer the key actvities are:

  • Create an action plan for automatic enrolment
  • Identify eligible employees for the scheme and raise awareness
  • Set up a qualifying workplace pension scheme (QWPS) with a pension provider
  • Ensure your payroll software has auto enrolment functionality and can interoperate with the pension provider
  • Write to staff about auto enrolment and enrol your staff
  • Implement auto enrolment – you must calculate and pay your own contributions to your pension scheme on behalf of your staff, as well as calculating, deducting and paying over your staff’s own contributions
  • Maintain records and undertake reporting and regulatory duties

How can we help?

Our managed payroll service software has full auto enrolment functionality and can:

  • assess the workforce
  • calculate pension contributions
  • manage opt-in and joining
  • manage opt-out and refunds
  • manage communications to staff
  • maintain mandatory records
  • integrate with pension providers

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you meet your auto enrolment requirements using our managed payroll service.