Self assessment tax returns

Many people, especially those who are filing a self assessment tax return for the first time, find that self-assessment is a complex and time-consuming task. Our objective is to simplify this process and ensure that your calculated tax return is filed correctly (after review by a qualified accountant) and on time so that you do not incur any penalties.  Once set up on our systems we can proactively manage the submission of your self assessment for future tax years.  We aim to work closely with our clients ensuring they are planning their tax and being compliant with the latest tax rules.

Tax return online

With a basic self assessment tax return (SA100) starting from £149+VAT (online service) you will be pleasantly surprised how painless a tax return can be!

Tax return with consultation

Self assessments are not always straightforward and we can provide:

  • A consultation on your self assessment (phone or zoom)
  • A written synopsis of the steps required to complete the self assessment
  • Complete and file the self assessment
  • Personal accountant contact details
  • Annual reminders to complete your self assessment

This service starts at £225+VAT.

Who we help

We complete self assessment returns for:

  • Individuals (with single or multiple sources of income)
  • Landlords (one or many rental properties)
  • US citizens (adhering to the double taxation treaty)
  • Self employed
  • Company directors and high earners
  • Construction (CIS)

Types of taxes included

  • Employment income
  • Self employed income
  • Investment income
  • Capital gains
  • Foreign income (with foreign tax credit)
  • Child benefit
  • Student loans
  • Pension contributions
  • Tax refunds