The world of freelance contracting

There has been a steady growth in the number of UK freelancers (independent professionals) over the past few years.  According to recent research by IPSE, there are now 1.6 million freelancers in the UK. This is a rise of 12% in the last four years.  Also:

  • 3 in 5 business leaders believe that their companies need freelancers to operate successfully
  • 62% of business leaders believe that working patterns are becoming more suitable to freelancers

There is no doubt that freelancers are now playing a key role in Britain’s innovation driven economy and are now being recognised as key drivers of wealth creation in this country.

Boris Johnson, commented that “Taking the plunge on being a freelancer is an immense decision that can in many cases appear daunting. But it is also a choice that’s brave, ambitious, fulfilling and rewarding”.

So why do people decide to go freelancing?  A colleague, explained to me that she wasn’t being recognised or rewarded for a lot of hard work she had done as a permanent employee.  She thought, ‘I need to make a change’.  It was time to go freelance and strike out on her own.  Freelancing offered her no appraisals, no office politics and no employment contract.  She could go to work where she wanted, when she wanted and for whoever she wanted.

Other freelancers I have spoken to have chosen to be a freelancer as it provides more flexibility, more holidays and more control.

Maybe work is no longer even a place.  Why do we physically need to be in an office every day?  Technology is rapidly changing where and when we work and even who we work for.

Why is it not possible to undertake work for multiple companies at the same time?

Why do we need to think of our jobs as full time or part time?

Why do we not think instead, do I have the right amount of work to sustain my chosen lifestyle?

As individuals we choose who we work for and the work we perform.  We determine our own future.

Attitudes are changing.  Work is no longer about going to your office every day.  With cloud computing and modern technology, office work can be performed anywhere at any time.  With a combination of greater individual control and companies moving to flexible workforces, the growth of the freelancer is destined to continue.  With their talent, initiative and creativity in the networked economy of today and tomorrow, freelancers are a catalyst for change.

Success comes from people.  People free to dream, people free to challenge, people free to act.  With their courage and insight freelancers are changing how people view work today.

If you don’t think your current role is fulfilling your personal mission or would like a change to your work life balance, then it is maybe worth thinking about a move to freelancing.

We can help you unlock the door to contracting by explaining how to get set up and how to manage your finances through our accounting and tax solutions.  Just give us a call!